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Cusco Enduro

from $2,299.00

Enduro MTB is our specialty, this is a true epic Enduro trip!

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    Camping Trek
  • Activity Level Intermediate
All about the Cusco Enduro.

• Ride on ancient Inca and pre-Inca trails with around 1,000 years old.
• Ride on remote locations where civilization is hours away.
• One mountain pass (from one valley to the other) reaching an elevation of 4,500m (14,764 ft.).
• Impressive and unique landscapes with big valleys, huge glaciers and deep canyons.
• Two experienced mountain bike guides that will take you safe and with a lot of fun.
• Reach Machu Picchu hiking through the jungle form Santa Teresa to Aguas Calientes.
• Main locations: Cusco, Sacred Valley, Lares Valley, Machu Picchu.
• Tour to Machu Picchu is included on the tour price.

Peru is one of the best places on earth for mountain biking. We have the Andes Mountains that gives us stunning landscapes with big glaciers and deep valleys and we have also the ancient network of trails with an approximate age of 1,000 years old. Those ancient trails are raw and eroded though the years and you must think fast to choose the right lines! There is nothing manicured there and you have many lines to choose! The people and the culture is also unique with civilizations that have developed thousands of years ago and they still live following their ancient way of living. The people is friendly and warmly, sometimes they offer us fresh potatoes that have been cooked in the ground right next to their farms. We will have time to spend some time with the local people and learn a bit of their way of living.

Only Departure (2017):
April 19th.
Ask for private departures.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • 9 nights at 3* hotels or similar.
  • 1 night camping on Lares hot springs.
  • Private transportation during the whole tour. It includes airport transfers in and out. Note: Transfer out only included on day 11.
  • All breakfasts and lunches during the trip. (Lunch on Machu Picchu day is NOT included).
  • Dinner on day 7.
  • Snacks, fresh fruits, water and Gatorade during the whole trip.
  • Two experienced guides at all time. They will assist you when needed and help you improve your mountain bike skills.
  • Beers at the end of each ride.
  • Admission fees to all the sites visited on our tour.
  • Communication devises (GPS, satellite phone, 2 way radios, etc.).
  • Bike Mechanic with tools and kit of spare parts.
  • Brushes, rugs and FinishLine oil to keep the bikes shining and in good conditions.
Whats not included in this tour.Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • International and domestic flights.
  • Personal insurance. We suggest: /
  • Dinners on days not specified.
  • Machu Picchu Tour: USD 280: Transfers, trains, buses, entrance fee and guide.
  • Other personal expenses like laundry, extra calls, extra expenses in the hotel, etc.
  • Tips. (Your guides will be very appreciated).
  1. Day 1 Reception at Cusco Airport, Transfer to Hotel, Lunch & RIDE

    We suggest taking an early flight to Cusco, departing from Lima around 9am to reach before noon and have time to make the check-in at the hotel, go for lunch and prepare our bikes for a short but fun ride on the upper part of Cusco. We will enjoy prime trails above Cusco and also reach some important Inca sites along the trail. Distance: 7Km; total climbs: 45m; total descend: 540m; average time: 1Hr; elevation: between 3,490m and 3,980m. Hotel:

  2. Day 2 Misminay-Moray-Maras All-Mtn/Enduro & Maras #2 Descent

    Today we leave Cusco and we go towards Sacred Valley to start riding their amazing trails. 1.5 hours until we reach the start of the trail in the small village of Misminay (3,750m), just above the Inca sites of Maras and Moray. This ride is very scenic with views of the glaciers and the whole Sacred Valley below us. It is also an amazing ride with great singletracks and passing by impressive Inca sites like the round terraces of Moray and the salt mines of Maras. This ride ends at the bottom of the Sacred Valley with a super flowy and fun trail. We will have a quick lunch in Urubamba and in the afternoon we will go for a second ride that starts at the very top of the mountain above the village of Maras. We will ride an awesome descent that goes by the village of Maras and then goes by a hidden valley at the back of the salt mines. This is one of our favorite rides! We stay in Urubamba.
    Ride 1. Distance: 17Km; total climbs: 190m; total descend: 1,100m; average time: 1.5Hr; elevation: between 2,830m and 3,810m.
    Ride 2. Distance: 11Km; total climbs: 45m; total descend: 910m; average time: 1Hr; elevation: between 2,830m and 3,700m.

  3. Day 3 Lamay Downhill/Enduro Trails

    Today is a super fun day, maybe the best of the whole trip! Lamay is a small village located in the Sacred Valley. On top of Lamay there is a beautiful valley that goes up to the Vilcanota Mountain Range and gets close to the glaciers. There are quite a few trails in this valley and all of them are amazing and mind-blowing! We will ride three of them and on our own way! We like to start as high as we can and on the upper part of these trials where nobody reaches on a bike, we have amazing riding on the high Andes area. Now it’s time to put your full face helmet and enjoy again PRIME trails with us!
    Ride 1. Distance: 10Km; total climbs: 25m; total descend: 850m; average time: 1Hr; elevation: between 3,500m and 4,330m.
    Ride 2. Distance: 13Km; total climbs: 35m; total descend: 1,150m; average time: 1.5Hr; elevation: between 2,980m and 4,180m.
    Ride 3. Distance: 12.5Km; total climbs: 25m; total descend: 1,220m; average time: 1.5Hr; elevation: between 2,980m and 4,260m.

  4. Day 4 Patacancha All-Mtn/Enduro

    There are three theories that explain the origin of the Inca Empire. The three of them coincide that it was near Ollantaytambo, around the Patacancha Valley. Early in the morning, we will be transferred to the top of the Patacancha Valley at an elevation of 4,460m. We will have amazing views of all the mountains in Cusco. On our ride, we will visit the little towns of Patacancha and Huilloc. This ride is an amazing Enduro style ride on ancient Inca trail. Literally we will ride from top to bottom of the Patacancha Valley ending in the village of Ollantaytambo. We will see lots of thing here and it will give us a great idea of how big are the Andes Mountains! This is one of our favorite rides in Cusco. Distance: 32.6Km; total climbs: 500m; total descend: 2,350m; average time: 5 Hr; elevation: between 2,864m and 4,450m. Hotel:

  5. Day 5 Huchuy Cusco All-Mtn/Enduro

    Today we ride another epic ride in Sacred Valley. We will ride part of the Inca trail that goes from Cusco to Machu Picchu. Early in the morning, we will be transferred to the upper part of Sacred Valley, near Lake Piuray at an elevation of 3,900m. We start our ride with a steep climb until we reach the mountain pass of Coricocha at an elevation of 4,340m (14,239ft). From this point is possible to see the Sacred Valley on the other side of the mountains. We will have an amazing descent down to Sacred Valley passing by the Inca fortress of Huchuy Cusco. Get ready to experience of the best trails on Earth for Mountain Biking! Distance: 24Km; total climbs: 620m; total descend: 1,520m; average time: 5Hr; elevation: between 3,050m and 4,340m. Hotel:

  6. Day 6 Day Off (Machu Picchu)

    Day off but there’s lots to see in Cusco and Sacred Valley. Machu Picchu is the most visited place in Peru and it’s in the Sacred Valley. We suggest taking a break from the bike to recover for the next days of riding and visit Machu Picchu, one of the new 7 wonders on earth. It is an amazing place and if you haven’t been there, you must go! The tour includes: train tickets, bus tickets, entrance fee and private guiding. Price: USD 280.00 Hotel:

  7. Day 7 Patalares All-Mtn/Enduro

    Early in the morning after breakfast we take the van to go to the top of the mountains to start with this amazing ride that will take us to Lares hot springs. This is a unique adventure that Inkas Adventures has developed to offer something epic for those looking for the best trails in the world. On the other side of the mountains we have a long and flowy descend that will take us directly to the hot springs of Lares enjoying amazing singletrack! We will enjoy the rest of the afternoon in the hot springs. Distance: 22Km; total climbs: 350m; total descend: 1,250m; average time: 4Hr; elevation: between 3,270m and 4,450m.
    At night we camp at the hot springs.

  8. Day 8 Lares Downhill + Cusco Urban Assault

    We leave our camp site in the morning and on our way back to Cusco, we ride our bikes from the pass located at 4,445m. We will ride an amazing Inca trail that was used in the past to connect the villages from the jungle side. That’s why this is a main trail and the work and detail put to buold each meter of this trail is something to admire! We finish our ride with a great trail that ends in the village of Calca. We have lunch in Calca and in the afternoon we return to Cusco and make a late ride descending through the narrow and steep streets of Cusco to finish at the main plaza.
    Ride 1: Distance: 21Km; total climbs: 30m; total descend: 1,500m; average time: 2.5Hr; elevation: between 2,900m and 4,450m.
    Ride 2: Distance: 7Km; total climbs: 115m; total descend: 435m; average time: 1Hr; elevation: between 3,400m and 3,780m.

  9. Day 9 Andahuaylillas Gravity Park

    Today we go South of Cusco one hour away to the village of Andahuaylillas to ride some pretty amazing trails! Our friend that lives there, has put together some good flowy and fast lines on his backyard, the big mountains of Andahuaylillas. There are many trails in this area but we will ride just three of them. Be ready to drop steep lines and tight switchbacks! At the end of the day, we stay at his house that now is a lodge for adventure people!
    Ride 1 Huaro: Distance: 15Km; total climbs: 90m; total descend: 1,330m; average time: 2Hr.; elevation: between 3,280m and 4,500m.
    Ride 2 El Huayco: Distance: 6Km; total climbs: 5m; total descend: 760m; average time: 45Min; elevation: between 3,120m and 3,950m.
    Ride 3 Las Setas: Distance: 4.5Km; total climbs: 90m; total descend: 650m; average time: 30Min.; elevation: between 3,950m and 3,400m.
    Hotel: Aventura Andina in Andahuaylillas.

  10. Day 10 The Radar at 4,500m All-Mtn/Enduro

    Early in the morning we leave our hotel in Andahuaylillas and we go for one hour until we reach the Radar of Cusco at an elevation of 4,500m. From this place, we start all the rides in this side of the mountains. Massive drop from 4,500m down to the bottom of the valley following amazing trails. Today we go South of Cusco one hour away to the village of Andahuaylillas to ride some pretty amazing trails! Depending how much you want to ride, we can do 2 or 3 different trails and then go back to Cusco to celebrate this amazing tour!
    Ride 1: Distance: 13.5Km; total climbs: 45m; total descend: 1,400m; average time: 1.5Hr.; elevation: between 3,100m and 4,500m.
    Ride 2: Distance: 14.2Km; total climbs: 100m; total descend: 1,470m; average time: 1.5Hr; elevation: between 3,100m and 4,500m.
    Ride 3: Distance: 12Km; total climbs: 90m; total descend: 1,350m; average time: 1.5Hr; elevation: between 3,200m and 4,500m.

  11. Day 11 Transfer out

    The trip has reach to the end and it’s time to say good bye. An airport transfer will be organized according on your departure time.

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If you are in Peru, you can't miss Machu Picchu!

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Lares hot springs

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Incredible views from the Sacred Valley

You are traveling to Peru and on the areas we are going to be riding our bikes there are no or very little options to buy spare parts for your bike. First, we suggest you make a deep clean and maintenance to your bike and check for worn parts such as chain, brake pads, cables and housings. Make sure everything is working properly, especially your brakes. Bring also new tires. We suggest Maxxis High Rollers 2.30/2.35 width and extra protection on the sides (EXO). Tubeless system is also suggested. If you are using tubeless, check it has liquid inside and it is not dry. We carry some bike parts on our tours but there are some parts that are very specific to each bike so you should consider bringing the following parts with you:
• Extra derailleur hanger.
• 2 sets of brake pads.
• 2 Tubes, patches and pump. (We suggest putting tubeless system).
• Some special tools for your bike and a bike multi-tool.
• Back pack with water container. You will need to take your food, tools, water and jacket mainly.
• Rain Jacket, waterproof, for cold mountain weathers.
• Light thermal jacket. This will keep you warm if the temperature drops considerable.
• 4 sets of riding clothes.
• Helmet, gloves and safety glasses. Full face helmet is optional.
• Knee pads. Elbow pads are optional.
• Two pair of riding shoes.
• Light.
• Sun block. Recommended 50 SPF or more.
• Insect repellent.

The best way to take your bike on the flight is on a bike box. You can choose either a normal hard cardboard box or those hard plastic boxes. In both cases, you should be very careful packing your bike and prevent scratching or some damage to vulnerable parts like the derailleur hanger, brakes, fork, etc. Use lots of padding and your knee and elbow pads to protect your bike and use also plastic strips to tight all the loose parts together. The way we pack our bikes is the following: we first take out the pedals, wheels and remove the disc rotors from the wheels.

Then we take the air from the shocks leaving only 5 or 10 psi. The next step is to put the seat post all the way into the frame or take it out and then take the handlebar away from the stem. We take also derailleur hanger from the frame to prevent damage. Now the bike is ready to put on the box and put all the protections to prevent scratching.

Make sure the bike fits on the box normally, check the area of the bottom of the fork and the back of the bike (derailleur hanger). You can put some of your riding gear such as shoes, knee and elbow pads, helmet, gloves, back pack, etc.

We have selected for our tours three star hotels in which our clients can get a nice quiet room, comfortable and located on the best part of the city. In some cases we select hotels out of the city with a lot of character.

On some of our tours that include camping, we will provide 4-people tents for two person, mattresses and sleeping bags for cold conditions. We also provide all the meals during the camping to ensure a comfortable stay on the outdoors.

We are locals. There is nothing like riding with local people who knows the trails to perfection and also knows that the riding area is safe for you.

We are professional mountain bikers. We have more than 20 years riding mountain bikes in Peru. We have more than 13 National titles in both XC and DH, one third place in Pan-am Championships and one third place in the Masters World Championships. No one else can beat this record!

We practice a sustainable tourism. Being a responsible adventure and eco tour operator is one of our main objectives and principles. We work very close with local communities, businesses and individuals to develop sustainable tourism opportunities that help local economies while minimizing negative environmental and cultural impacts. Part of Inkas Adventures operating philosophy is to respect the communities, their people and their landscapes in which we make our tours.

We ride the best trails. We are always looking for the best trails to ride and we assure you that we will be riding the best trails in Peru!

Your safety is first. We work with the best equipment and people. Our staff has First-Aid and CPR training. We are one of the few adventure tour companies in Peru that carries a satellite phone to have immediate communication in remote areas that we ride. We are also linked with air rescue and evacuation companies to act fast in case of an emergency. We have modern equipment assuring no failures during our trips.

You get the best bikes to ride in Peru. We carry a fleet of 2017 Pivot Mach 6 bikes in all sizes. These bikes works perfect for all our trips. The terrain is technical and you need the best equipment!

We know where to eat the best food. Peru is one of the best places to eat in the world and we know where to go! Our snacks are also prime quality and you will enjoy them each day of your trip.

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